Factory 293

Factory 293 man in fake blizzard

23 Jul An overdue update!

Hey Comrades, sincerest apologies for absence of updates. One starts these blogs with the upmost intent of providing regular enthralling posts, but then the project you’re blogging about can often prove all-consuming and the blog posts subsequently fall by the wayside – a truism for...

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Factory 293 Myles Pollard

10 Apr Myles Pollard cast in FACTORY293 lead role

We're super stoked to announce that the immensely talented Myles Pollard has been cast in F293’s lead role, ‘Comrade Grigor’. We’re seriously excited and honoured to have an opportunity to collaborate with an artist of his caliber. 'Grigor' is USSR war hero who’s fallen from grace. He’s a complex, larger-than-life...

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