Factory 293

FACTORY 293 Exclusive Online Premier on Twitchfilms.com

19 Sep FACTORY293 Premieres on Twitchfilm.com

After a long journey, FACTORY293 is finally online for all to see! And for free! Earlier this week, things kicked off with an exclusive online premiere on the iconic cult/indie film platform, Twitchfilm.com. You can watch FACTORY 293 on twitchfilms now or sit back and watch...

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Factory 293 Official Poster

26 Mar Factory 293 Official Poster

The Official FACTORY293 Poster is here Comrades! Epic thanks to photographer Henry Whitehead and concept artist Simon Boxer who collaborated in creating this fine piece of work. The design harkens back to the 1940’s Soviet-era propaganda posters, which have also had a significant influence on...

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Factory 293 Myles Pollard as Grigori

21 Jan Introducing Grigori

Introducing ‘Grigori’ played by the insanely talented Myles Pollard. Once a celebrated Hero of the Soviet Union, Grigori now finds himself discarded and forgotten, overseeing operations at isolated munitions Factory 293....

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Factory 293 mist breath

29 Oct Mist breath: The final frontier

Hey Comrades, as always I must start this blog post with the obligatory apology for the lack of updates recently. The truth is, we’ve just been beavering away in post-production like you wouldn’t believe and there hasn’t been too many noteworthy happenings to report -...

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Factory 293 second units done feature

04 Sep Second Unit/Pickups Done!

Comrades, time for another blog post! And at the risk of sounding like a broken record, I must AGAIN apologise for how long it’s been since the last post. We’re still working ferociously hard to bring FACTORY293 to life, and unfortunately the first casualty amidst...

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